Not sure what this says- might be the same interview from Tv Guide… Can someone possibly translate?

HBO You had your first love scene in this episode. Did Alfie have any advice, since playing Theon has given him so much practice?

Richard Madden I wouldn’t take Alfie’s advice in any of the sex scenes! I think the way Theon makes love is pretty different from what Robb would do. It was my first sex scene in the series, though, and Robb’s first sexual experience. I worked with the director and with Oona [Chaplin] on it. We just tried to make it as organic as possible. We fumbled about and kind of did it wrong, just like you would if it were your first time, if you know what I mean. And just let the passion take over and try not to overthink it too much.

When is this coming out!!??


Was listening back to my interview w/ Richard Madden, @GameofThrones’ Robb Stark, and yeah, I was totally flirting #GoT

I know a lot of these pics were posted, but I don’t think this one has yet.

I know a lot of these pics were posted, but I don’t think this one has yet.

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For the record, I’m 6’0 and Richard Madden is not very tall.

Does anyone have the interview with him on E!News or know when his interview with t.v. guide is coming out?

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What is Richard saying, post-Daily Raven interview, when he’s getting up and getting the water bottle? The ol’ iPad volume won’t let me hear it clearly at the moment…?

Idk if my answer came out right. They are joking around due to his accent. Basically saying do the whole thing again, cuz you can’t understand a word I’m saying. Then someone in the background says “do it in an American accent (nyc I think)